Website Design

Website Design & Programming

We are able to design websites from scratch or desing them using programs such as word-press or Jommula and develop sites that are Serch Engine Optimized (SEO), resulting in more website traffic. With years of experince in web development your can rest assured you'll be getting the best website development possible.

A website must get the attention of your audience in as little as 3 to 5 secounds. In that time the viewer will decide if they will stay and check out your website. This requires a webpage that will load quickly. We accomplish this in many different ways. One such way we do this is by not using flash, instead we code everything to accomplish the same interactive nature.

Our designs are unique and custom to each person. When you submit what you would like to have as a design, I will then work with you from there and produce a website for you that you can be proud of.

Our team are some of the most knowlagable designers for developing websites. We cover all levels of website design, static, database and e-commerce websites. Programming websites so they drive targeted traffic to your website. The programming is just as important to us as the beauty of the sites we create.

Marketing and maintanice packages are avalible once the site is complete if you wish to puchase such.

Website Redesign

If your website design is out of date or could benefit from a new design, look no further. We work with individuals and companies to redesign existing websites to improve the appearance, navigation, search engine rankings, making the site mobile and more.

The use of social media, e-commerce, mobile devices and ever more competition is why website improvements are needed. In the following list are few more reasons to consider a website redesign.

Reasons for Website Redesign:

  • The site looks amateur or parts are broken.
  • There is little or no traffic to the website.
  • Navigation links are poorly named.
  • Difficulty for people to navigate.
  • Information on the website is dated.
  • Text is hard to read.
  • Flash or graphics only was used to create the website.

Website Design Process

  • First we ask that you find different websites you like on the internet so we can get a understanding of what your looking for.
  • Help in choosing a domain name will then follow.
  • We then help you with free / paid server space depending on the requirements for the website.
  • A web page draft will then be made and presented to you.
  • Modifications are made as required to get the correct look.
  • The website will then be created.
  • Website updates / adjustments needed will follow the completion of the site to make sure your 100% satisfied.

Payments / Cost

The cost to have a website designed and developed will depend on what type of site your want designed and the complexity of it. The sky is altimitly the limit so please contact me for a price. My prices are among the most reasonable you will find. All prices are given in Canadian dollars.

To give you an exact price you will need to contact me with your project and give a few samples of what your looking for. From there I will make you a price for the website project.

Payments for those local to me can be made in cash, anyone who is to far from me can make the payment by Pay-Pal. Note you don't need a Pay-Pal account. All you need is a major credit card. I will send you a Invocie from Pay-Pal and you can pay it using your credit card.

Website Updates

There are those who are able to do the updates them selves but then there are people who ethier don't have the time or just simply don't want to be bothered with them. You let me know what you need updated each month and I will let you know how much it will be.

You can contiue using my services for as long as you want or stop using them at any time.

I can also help you in the way of advertising your website and generating leads for you for. The price for this will vary depending on how many people you want to hit your website each month.

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